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A/C service & furnace repair specialties include:

  • Furnace repair
  • Furnace tune ups
  • Furnace replacement
  • Water heater installation
  • Gas furnace installation
  • Rheem furnace installation
  • Water heater repairs
  • Furnace filter installations
  • Air-conditioning repairs and installation
  • Heating equipment repairs

In an emergency situation, there are some things you can do before our technicians arrive to fix your furnace or air conditioning system.

Check your filters – If your filters are clogged then your unit will not get sufficient air flow and therefore can interrupt your service.  Changing out the blocked filters can help get your system back up and running properly.

Check return air grills and supply air – Make sure that these areas are not obstructed.Improper air flow can cause issues with your heating and cooling system.

Check outside condenser coils – Make sure there is no debris and rinse off with hose as needed.  When fan is on it pulls air over the coils to relieve the heat generated by the system.  This can also pull debris, pollen, leaves and other environmental matter.

Check your thermostat – Make sure the temperature you have selected is below room temperature for cooling and above room temperature for heating.  Also be sure that the system switch is set to the correct position, for air conditioning either “cool” or “auto” and for heating either “heat” or “auto”.  “Fan” should be selected if you want continuous blower operation.

Check your electrical box – Make sure that the circuit breakers are set to “on” and that the fuses have not been blown.

Components that may need service

When your heating and cooling system breaks down it’s important to inspect the entire system as various components work together to either keep your system running efficiently. 

Here are some items that a qualified service technician should check:

Disconnect switches – These are separate fuse links for electric systems.  Usually found inside of a service box near the air conditioner.  It’s either a switch or handle to shut off power to the unit.  Due to high voltage electricity we recommend that this only be performed by a trained professional.

Inside condenser coils on A/C – Just like the outside coil of the air conditioner the inside coil can become contaminated as well.  You should only address the outside coil with garden hose.  A qualified service tech should clean the inside coil if needed.

Freon or refrigerant – If your air conditioning unit is not cooling properly and is in need of Freon it may be because you have a leak.  A Freon leak could damage the compressor, which is a very costly part to replace.

Thermostats – If a thermostat is faulty or an inferior quality product that has a short life span this could be affecting the overall functioning of your HVAC system.

In summary:

Reader specializes in heating and cooling repairs. Our technicians are experts at furnace repair, A/C repair,furnace installation, water heater replacement and all kinds of heating equipment repair and replacements. 

We pride ourselves on quality workmanship with easy to work with technicians who are very responsive.

A/C Service & Furnace Repair

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