Commercial HVAC Routine Maintenance

Reader Heating and Cooling technician conduction regular heating and cooling maintenance.

Commercial HVAC Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance on your commercial HVAC system can help lower utility costs, reduce the need for future repairs, and increase the longevity of your units.

When Maintenance is Needed

There are a few key signs that can tip you off that service maintenance may be needed:

Air vents – by visually checking the outside of your air vents you can see if mold or other pollutants are apparent.

Musty odor – this may be a sign that your system is not performing optimally.

Occupant complaints – this is usually when we are contacted for complaints such as the temperature is not maintaining at what it is set to, to the system is not working at all.

Seasonal Maintenance Schedule

We recommend a seasonal maintenance routine to prolong the life expectancy of your system and offer a service program to fit each customer’s specific needs.  A seasonal maintenance package can be created for your unit’s needs.

  • Replacing Filters This can be one of the most overlooked practices.  Filter replacement can occur anywhere from once every other month to four times a year depending on your environment, your unit, and your usage.  Our technicians can help you determine how often your specific system’s filters should be changed.
  • Inspecting Fan, Bearings, and Belts Proper functioning of these components are essential to increased longevity of your unit and should be checked twice annually.  Issues with these components may not be as apparent but with a bi-annual inspection you can ensure optimal performance.  Our technicians will check the fan motors, belt alignment and tension, and bearing lubrication where applicable.
  • Inspecting Air Handler It is important to check your air handler during the bi-annual inspection for any standing water.  This could be a sign that your unit needs repair.

Have an experienced tech handle it for you

We offer tailored maintenance programs and services to feed your business needs.